Performance Fluoropolymer Partnership Launched To Promote the Responsible Production, Use, and Management of Fluoropolymers

The Performance Fluoropolymer Partnership’s member companies are dedicated to the responsible production, use, and management of fluoropolymers in a manner that protects the public health and our environment.

WASHINGTON (May 13, 2020) – AGC Inc., the Chemours Company LLC, and Daikin Industries Ltd. have formed a new organization, the Performance Fluoropolymer Partnership (PFP).

“Fluoropolymers make important products for vital industries possible,” said Jay West, a representative of PFP. “Fluoropolymers are a specialty material that are used to make products critical to modern life, including cutting-edge healthcare applications, high-performance electronics like cell phones and laptops, and advanced transportation and aerospace applications, among many others. Fluoropolymers are an important enabling technology for society.”

The mission of PFP is to promote the responsible production, use, and management of fluoropolymers, while also advocating for a sound science and risk-based approach to regulation. Fluoropolymers have a well-established safety profile and meet the accepted (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) criteria to be considered “polymers of low concern”, indicating that they do not present a significant concern for human health or the environment. They are large, stable, inert polymeric molecules that are too large to cross biological membranes and therefore do not present significant concerns. Fluoropolymers are not PFOA or PFOS or other long-chain PFAS, nor can they transform to those substances.

Organizations and individuals interested in working with the PFP can contact Jay West at For more information on the many products that fluoropolymers enable, click here.